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Man seriously injured in Phoenix pedestrian accident

Phoenix has its fair share of pedestrians. These individuals may feel safe on the city's sidewalks and crosswalks, but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing that can protect them from an errant driver. And, sadly, there are far too many distracted, drowsy and drunk drivers on our city's streets. This means that a significant number of individuals wind up seriously injured or killed in pedestrian accidents.

Apparent failure to yield results in pedestrian's death

Even though pedestrians are a common sight across the Phoenix area, far too many motorists fail to take the steps necessary to recognize them and protect their safety. This is of critical importance considering that pedestrians are without protection, meaning that they are usually seriously injured when struck by a vehicle. The damages associated with these pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic, too, often leaving victims and their families reeling from the physical, emotional and financial losses that are suddenly thrust upon them.

Pedestrian accident victims deserve a voice

Over the past few weeks previous posts here have discussed pedestrian accidents. Sadly, pedestrian accidents continue to increase in frequency, and those pedestrians who are involved in them are often left with serious injuries. In the worst cases, these pedestrian accident victims succumb to their injuries. Those affected by these wrecks, including victims and their families, can end up facing significant damages that are not only financial in nature, but can also involve extensive physical and emotional pain and suffering. Surviving family members may suffer from loss of support and companionship.

Number of fatal pedestrian accidents rises significantly

Pedestrians are common throughout the Phoenix area. Their presence is so common, in fact, that it should be second nature for motorists to act in ways that protect those pedestrians' safety. The sad reality, however, is that pedestrians are struck and injured or killed with a frequency that is nothing short of startling.

Phoenix pedestrian accident leaves one dead, injures three

Walking in the Phoenix area shouldn't be a dangerous activity. Yet, more often than many notice, negligent drivers act in a way that threatens to cause pedestrians serious harm. Those who are struck by an errant vehicle can suffer serious damages. They may be left physically disabled, emotionally traumatized and financially devastated. Sadly, sometimes these wrecks result in wrongful death, which was the case in one recent Phoenix pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accident takes another life in Phoenix

The Phoenix-area has seemingly seen an influx of serious pedestrian accidents lately. These wrecks often leave victim with serious injuries or, in the worst cases, dead. In the aftermath of these wrecks, victims and their families can struggle to make sense of the injustice forced upon them. They may also find it difficult to cope with the losses they suffer, which may include physical limitation, pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical expenses, and lost wages, just to name a few.

Pedestrian accident in Phoenix leaves one dead

A previous post here discussed the prevalence with which pedestrian accidents occur in Arizona. The statistics are truly staggering, but most people fail to recognize the human impact caused by these accidents, as their vision is clouded by the numbers. As a personal injury law firm, we work with people on a daily basis whose lives have been turned upside-down by unexpected and undeserved accidents. These individuals are often confronted with a variety of emotions, including sadness, anger and fear for their future.

Arizona seeing significant increase in pedestrian accidents

With crosswalks, a multitude of laws and extensive public service initiatives to raise awareness of the issue, one would think that pedestrian accidents would be extensively diminished nowadays, but the truth is much different. In fact, just recently the director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety in Arizona indicated that the pedestrian accident problem is a crisis. Additionally, that individual stated that pedestrian accidents have increased over the last two years, despite cities making extensive efforts to raise awareness of pedestrians and crosswalks.

Hit-and-run accident kills Phoenix grandmother

It doesn't take an expert to recognize that car accidents are a significant problem on the streets of Phoenix. Too often, our news stations cover crashes where innocent individuals are left severely injured or killed by the negligent, preventable accidents of others. These incidences are heartbreaking, but the story often extends much further than these initial reports indicate. Victims and their families may be left with months, years or even decades of physical pain and suffering, as well as financial losses, such as unexpected medical expenses and lost wages. In hopes of recovering these damages, victims and their families can pursue a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Distracted driving statistics don't seem to align with reality

We've all heard that distracted driving is dangerous. Yet, with how recent cell phone usage has become, statistics are still lacking when it comes to showing just how deadly this form of distracted driving can be. This can be scary to think about, especially since the U.S. has seen a nearly 14.5 percent increase in traffic fatalities over the last two years. On average, at least 100 people died per day in 2016, which is the highest that figure has been in the last decade. This increase also comes after decades of declining death rates.

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