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Stand up to distracted driving with competent advocacy

We all get distracted from time to time; however, when we get distracted at work, at home or at a store, this is not usually described as dangerous. But that is not the case when distractions enter a vehicle. It's no secret that distracted driving has become a major impediment to roadway safety. Many Arizonans send text messages, scan social media and even take pictures while driving. But distracted driving isn't limited to the use of an electronic device. Eating, talking to others, searching for objects within the vehicle and even grooming one's self can take attention from the road. When this occurs, other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians can all be put in harm's way.

Garbage truck causes Phoenix accident, injuring four

With the holiday season now in full swing, many Arizona families are finding themselves taking to the road more frequently. Whether to go shopping or visit family and friends, many are sure to rack up the miles this season. It is, of course, critically important to ensure that one drives as safely as possible, but not everyone heeds this advice. Many motorists are distracted or intoxicated, which significantly increases the risk that they will cause an injurious or deadly accident.

How safe are driverless cars?

Most, if not all, of you have heard news about vehicles that can operate without a driver. These machines' makers promise to ensure safer roads by removing all human error from the streets, which many statistics have shown account for the vast majority of car accidents. In fact, two automotive specialists believe that driverless cars will demonstrate that 99.9 percent of all accidents were caused by mistakes made by humans. But will that be case?

Arizona sees increase in fatal car accidents

Car accidents have been a problem for as long as the car has been around. Despite consistent, and oftentimes aggressive efforts, the fact of the matter is that serious car wrecks continue to occur, leaving innocent motorists with serious injuries. Part of this continuation is caused by new and unexpected problems, such as distracted driving caused by cell phone usage, while other factors have been around for a long time, such as drunk driving. To see just how big of a problem these wrecks are, one need only look at recent statistics in Arizona.

What is vicarious liability?

If you drive regularly and pay attention to the vehicles around you, then you may be surprised at the number of business owned cars and trucks on the road. The individuals who are behind the wheels of those vehicles drive as part of their employment, but that doesn't mean that they are any safer than your average, everyday motorist. They can be distracted, tired and even intoxicated, putting themselves and others at risk of being harmed in a serious car accident. When this happens and damages are suffered by an innocent individual, legal action may be appropriate.

Fiercely advocating for car accident victims

Previously, this blog discussed a recent accident that left one individual dead. Tragically, it appears that the wreck may have been wholly preventable, as it may have been caused by a drunk driver. Despite extensive public service initiatives and law enforcement crackdowns on intoxicated driving, far too many motorists continue to drink and drive. As the recent accident highlighted, the costs can be extensive, stretching from the physical and emotional to the financial. In an effort to find a sense of justice and closure, as well as compensation for damages suffered, car accident victims may want to consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Alleged drunk driving accident kills one in Phoenix

Countless nonprofit agencies, as well as federal, state and local governments, have put extensive efforts into raising awareness of and preventing drunk driving. Although their efforts are admirable and may have an impact on reducing drunk driving, the sad truth of the matter is that people continue to drink and drive. When they do so, they put innocent individuals at risk of serious harm, as it only takes a split second for an intoxicated motorists to cause a severe car accident.

Motorcycle helmet can provide additional safety

A car accident can leave a victim with any number of a wide variety of injuries. Sometimes, he or she will escape with minor bumps and bruises. Sometimes he or she will suffer from cuts. In other cases, those involved in a car wreck are able to walk away with nothing more than some property damage and a bad experience. Yet, for a large number of accident victims, the injuries they suffer are much more serious. For these individuals, the physical, emotional and financial damages can leave them reeling.

Advocating for victims of distracted driving

This blog previously discussed causes of automobile collisions. Specifically, it addressed the dangers of distracted driving. Although it may seem obvious, many Arizonans fail to consider how taking their attention and eyes off of the road can put others in harm's way. The truth of the matter is that distracted driving is becoming more common, resulting in far too many innocent motorists suffering serious injuries or being killed. Victims of these awful car accidents often have a long road ahead of them to reclaim the life they once knew, and the process can be painful, stressful, and expensive.

How does alcohol affect driving ability?

Everyone knows that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. The problem is that far too many individuals are either unable to tell when they've had too much to drink, or they simply don't care about the dangers they pose to others. In either case, these negligent drivers can put innocent motorists in harm's way. Even the most defensive driver can wind up suffering serious injuries in a drunk driving accident. To try to curtail the occurrence of drunk driving, many government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions have attempted to disseminate information about just how dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol can be.

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