Arizona‘s pedestrian death rate among the nation’s highest

Pedestrian accidents sometimes end up taking the lives of their victims. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that Arizona is trending the wrong way lately when it comes to pedestrian deaths.

The report was by the Governors Highway Safety Association. One of the things the report did was rank the states based on their per-capita pedestrian death rate for 2016.

In 2015, Arizona’s pedestrian death rate was the fifth highest in the whole nation. Unfortunately, its 2016 ranking was even worse. According to the report, the state had the nation’s third highest rate in 2016.

Also, data points to the first half of 2016 having seen an increase in pedestrian fatalities in Arizona. Reportedly, the fatality total from 2016’s first half was 12.8 percent higher than the total from the first half of 2015.

Why do you think Arizona has such a high pedestrian death rate and has been seeing increases in pedestrian deaths? What efforts related to protecting pedestrian safety would you like to see taken here in Arizona?

When it comes to pedestrian death statistics, it can be easy to be numbed by the numbers. However, it is important to not forget how devastating such fatalities are on families and communities.

When dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s death in a pedestrian accident, legal issues are something a family may be tempted to put on the backburner. However, there can be all kinds of important and impactful legal issues to sort through in connection to such an accident, including liability issues. Skilled pedestrian accident attorneys can help sort through such issues and protect a family’s legal rights, so the family can focus on being there for each other in such difficult times.

Source: azfamily, “Arizona now third-deadliest state for pedestrians,” Derek Staahl, March 30, 2017

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