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December 2019 Archives

Make the most of hospital stays after a catastrophic injury

One of the sad truths of being injured in a car wreck is that you might have to spend considerable time in the hospital. This is especially common for pedestrians or motorcyclists who are struck by a vehicle. A lengthy inpatient inpatient can mean that a lot of things in your normal life fall by the wayside.

Three-vehicle car accident leaves one dead, several injured

A three-vehicle accident in the western part of Phoenix left one person dead. Additionally, five other people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. Police described all of these injuries as non life-threatening, but the full extent of the injuries was not known.

Arizona's cellphone ban may not deter distracted driving

Arizona is relatively tough on motorists who are distracted by their cellphones while they are driving. In addition to joining the majority of states in outlawing texting and driving, Arizona has a law which generally bans the use of a handheld device, like a cellphone, while operating a vehicle.

Arizona's dog bite statute

Like many other states, Arizona has a law which protects the public from dangerous dogs. This law affords victims of dog bites the legal option of pursuing compensation from the owner for items like medical bills, lost wages, disfigurement and other non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Spinal cord injuries come with an increase in depression rates

A spinal cord injury can have a lot of impacts on your life. Most people focus on the physical effects, but they overlook the emotional and mental ways that an injury of this magnitude can affect them. It is imperative that anyone who has this type of injury, as well as their loved ones, understand a few points about depression that might come with the life changes.

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