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September 2019 Archives

Expert warns of the dangers of driverless cars

Automation seems to be the way of the future. While some robots are stuck vacuuming carpet, other robot-like machines are invading more every-day parts of our lives. One of the biggest is driving. Some companies are dumping billions of dollars into the driverless car industry in hopes of capitalizing on the transportation of tomorrow. But as the industry quickly shifts to driverless vehicles, many are left wondering just how safe these cars are.

Texting and driving can lead to catastrophic wrecks

Texting and driving is a public health crisis that must not continue. One of the primary issues with texting and driving is that it can lead to accidents that cause catastrophic injuries or death to innocent people. To control the impact that this preventable event causes, an Arizona law that goes into full effect on Jan. 1, 2021, forbids this action.

Wrong-way driving is far too common in Arizona

Wrong-way drivers are arguably the most dangerous motorists on the roadways. Whether due to intoxication or distraction, these drivers often don't even realize that they are driving against traffic. This means that they usually don't slow down and don't attempt to take corrective action prior to a collision. As a result, car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often occur at high rates of speed, which, in turn, can leave devastation in their wake.

Could a Court of Appeals decision impact public safety?

Police officers must keep the public safe, but they must balance that with ensuring that they are adhering to laws protecting privacy and rights of everyone. Many people forget that even people who face accusations of doing criminal acts have specific rights afforded to them. Finding that balance is sometimes tricky.

Fatal red light accidents reach 10-year high

Driving is an inherently dangerous activity. Yet, the risk of being harmed in a car accident increases exponentially when the motorists around you act negligently. This negligence can take many forms, including distracted driving and drunk driving. However, even mistakes as simple as failing to abide by traffic laws can have serious consequences, as demonstrated by the results of one recent study.

Car accidents and emotional distress

The damages suffered in a car accident can be extensive. The most obvious are physical in nature. Motor vehicle accident victims can be left with broken bones, torn ligaments, and brain and spinal cord damage. They may be left permanently disabled, disfigured, and in a lot of pain. This physical harm is often accompanied by financial losses. These damages typically take the form of medical expenses, future treatment costs, and lost wages.

Benefits of having a personal injury attorney on your side

A motor vehicle accident can impact your life in many ways. Not only can it result in serious injuries, but it will also take a toll on your finances. Furthermore, you'll find yourself faced with mounting medical bills and mounds of paperwork from insurance companies and law enforcement.

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