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August 2018 Archives

Bicycle accident victims turn to us for legal help

On any given day, you can see countless bicyclists working their way in, out, around, and through the Phoenix-area. These bicyclists often ride on the road, and it is expected that motorists will share the streets with them. Unfortunately, though, many motorists fail to recognize bicyclists, give them enough room on the road, and yield to them when appropriate. A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed some unsettling trends related to bicycle accidents, but the truth of the matter is that everyone who rides, even those who are the most careful, are susceptible to being seriously injured or killed in a bicycle accident.

Dog attack leaves woman hospitalized

Have you ever walked by someone's house only to be scared by a barking dog? If so, then you're not alone. Oftentimes dogs stand at fence lines, windows, or doors barking, eager to get out of their confinements to approach passersby. Fortunately, most of these dogs are kept where they are supposed to be, and those that do manage to escape are harmless. In some instances, though these dogs are vicious, and those who get in their way are likely to be seriously injured.

Pedestrian accident takes another life in Phoenix

The Phoenix-area has seemingly seen an influx of serious pedestrian accidents lately. These wrecks often leave victim with serious injuries or, in the worst cases, dead. In the aftermath of these wrecks, victims and their families can struggle to make sense of the injustice forced upon them. They may also find it difficult to cope with the losses they suffer, which may include physical limitation, pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical expenses, and lost wages, just to name a few.

Basic insurance coverage and personal injury lawsuits

Car insurance comes in various forms with different amounts and types of coverage. With so many options and requirements, trying to understand a policy can become confusing. However, having a full understanding of an insurance policy and its limitations is critical. This is especially true when one is injured in a car accident and hopes to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver to recover damages.

Motorcycle accidents and herniated disks

Arizona motorcyclists, because they are not protected by layers of metal and airbags, are at significant risk of injury when involved in an accident. The types of harm they can suffer are numerous, and the severity of these injuries can vary greatly. Although some victims are able to escape with little more than scrapes, cuts and bruises, or perhaps, a minor case of road rash, others are left with traumatic brain injuries and damage to their spinal cords. In the middle are those injuries that are serious but from which a victim can recover through extensive medical care and rehabilitation.

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