Motorcycle accidents and herniated disks

Arizona motorcyclists, because they are not protected by layers of metal and airbags, are at significant risk of injury when involved in an accident. The types of harm they can suffer are numerous, and the severity of these injuries can vary greatly. Although some victims are able to escape with little more than scrapes, cuts and bruises, or perhaps, a minor case of road rash, others are left with traumatic brain injuries and damage to their spinal cords. In the middle are those injuries that are serious but from which a victim can recover through extensive medical care and rehabilitation.

Amongst these injuries are herniated disks. A disk is essentially a liquid-filled cushion between the vertebrae meant to reduce the impact to the spine and spinal column. The outermost part of the disk is slightly hardened, while the inside contains a jelly-like substance. When a disk is ruptured, the jelly-like substance leaks out, sometimes causing pressure to the spine and surrounding nerves. This, in turn, can cause pain, numbness and weakness in the extremities.

To diagnose a herniated disk, a doctor may conduct a number of tests. Amongst these are x-rays, a CT scan, a MRI and a myelogram, where dye is used to highlight spinal fluid to allow it to be better detected by an x-ray. Once diagnosed, a herniated disk may be treated by medication (primarily pain killers) and, in some instances, surgery. Recovering fully from a herniated disk can take time and money, which can leave some motorcycle accident victims on hard times.

Fortunately, these individuals may be able to recover compensation to help alleviate these losses, as well as those incurred due to lost wages. To do so, a victim must file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver who is believed to have caused his or her injury. Imposing liability and showing damages can be a challenging feat, though, which is why many Arizona residents turn to skilled legal professionals for assistance.

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