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December 2018 Archives

Phoenix animal control officer injured in dog attack

Many Arizona residents choose to take in animals in hopes of giving them a safe and stable home. Yet, sometimes these animals are too damaged to be safe. In other instances, the animal's new owners fail to discipline or abuse the animal, causing it to develop aggressive tendencies. Under these circumstances, an animal, such as a dog, can pose a serious safety threat to all those who come into close proximity of it.

Spinal cord injuries: Risk factors and impacts

Trauma to the spinal cord can produce long-lasting impacts that can completely change a person's life. While these injuries aren't very common, there are around 11,000 spinal cord injuries (SCI) in this country per year. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association estimates that there are as many as 450,000 individuals living with this type of injury.

Truckers' lack of knowledge may cause car accidents

As we have discussed previously on this blog, semi-trucks that are improperly driven or improperly maintained pose a significant risk to other motorist on the road. These massive vehicles, when involved in an accident, can cause a serious amount of devastation, injury, and death. This is why it is imperative for those who have been injured in truck accidents to take legal action. Doing so can not only result in the imposition of liability and the recovery of compensation, but it may also help deter negligent truck driving and truck maintenance from occurring in the future.One way that federal regulators try to ensure trucking safety is by implementing rules to specify the knowledge and skills truckers must possess before they can take to the road. For example, truckers must have a demonstrated ability to perform basic tracking skills such as backing in a straight line and turning appropriately, as well as shifting in a way that ensures that the truck moves in a safe fashion. Truckers must also show that they have a deep understanding of more specialized skills such as visual searches and communications.Truckers must also be prepared to handle all types of driving conditions. Therefore, they should be able to demonstrate that they can drive in hazardous conditions, nighttime conditions, and emergency traffic conditions that require emergency maneuvers. Those truckers who were never able to demonstrate these skills should never take to the road. Therefore, those who are injured by a trucker's errors should consider obtaining the driver's employment records to see if his or her employer performed a thorough assessment of his or her abilities prior to allowing him or her to take to the road.This, of course, is just one of the many steps that should be conducted after being injured in a truck accident and pursuing a legal claim. Personal injury lawsuits require an extensive amount of work to both gather evidence and present it in a fashion that is compelling to both judge and jury. So, those who have been hurt in a truck accident may want to discuss their situation with a personal injury attorney of their choosing.

Man killed in motorcycle accident

Driving a motorcycle can be a lot of fun. However, because these vehicles lack the safety devices found in other vehicles, motorcyclists are often at increased risk of injury or death in accidents. Victims of these wrecks, as well as their family members, can face devastating damages including physical and emotional pain and suffering and financial losses. Oftentimes the only way to recover these damages is to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.An Arizona family may want to take such action after a recent Phoenix-area accident left a motorcyclist dead. According to reports, the motorcyclist was killed when a truck struck him after failing to yield before changing lanes. The truck driver was apparently trying to stop to pick up lumber that had fallen from a trailer that the truck was pulling. Although the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital, he did not survive his injuries.Perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of this accident is the fact that it was completely preventable. Had the truck driver simply checked his mirrors before changing lanes, the wreck might have been avoided. Now, though, the victim's family must try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. This can be challenging and, quite frankly, overwhelming.This is where the assistance of a qualified legal professional may prove beneficial. An attorney who is competent at handling personal injury and wrongful death cases can help victims and their families gather evidence and develop compelling legal arguments to support their fight for the imposition of liability and the recovery of compensation. Therefore, those who want to learn more about what an attorney can do to help them should consider reaching out to a legal professional of their choosing.

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