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February 2019 Archives

Phoenix pedestrian accident leaves one dead, injures three

Walking in the Phoenix area shouldn't be a dangerous activity. Yet, more often than many notice, negligent drivers act in a way that threatens to cause pedestrians serious harm. Those who are struck by an errant vehicle can suffer serious damages. They may be left physically disabled, emotionally traumatized and financially devastated. Sadly, sometimes these wrecks result in wrongful death, which was the case in one recent Phoenix pedestrian accident.

Tips for recovery after an incomplete spinal cord injury

Some crashes, including those involving vehicles and pedestrians, lead to victims suffering spinal cord injuries. These don't always involve paralysis, but most of them do have a lengthy healing process. Typically, incomplete spinal cord injuries aren't so serious that they cause paralysis but they are serious enough that they cause lasting problems.

Lawsuit claims NBA superstar's dog attacked restaurant goer

The results of a dog bite attack can be nothing short of tragic. Victims can be left with physical pain and suffering, emotional scarring and permanent disfigurement. Financial losses can be a very real possibility, too, especially when the attack is serious enough to warrant medical treatment.

Risky phone usage is on the rise in America

It's no secret that distracted driving is an all too common problem. People are often observed to be manipulating their radio, engaging with passengers, eating and searching floorboards for objects when they should be focusing their attention on the road. Of course, the biggest culprit when it comes to distracted driving is the cell phone, and a recently released study shows that it may be a bigger problem than it was in the past.

Impaired driver injures three kids in Phoenix car accident

No matter how safely you drive, a negligent driver can take you by surprise and cause a devastating car accident that leaves you and your passengers seriously injured. That may sound scary, but it's the truth. Every day innocent individuals are injured in car accidents caused by negligent and reckless motorists.

Safety tips to remember the next time you go for a walk

Whether you walk daily for exercise or you live in an urban area of Phoenix where walking most places is part of your daily life, it is important to remember that you can only depend on yourself as far as your safety is concerned. In other words, you should never completely rely on motorists to see you or adhere to pedestrian right-of-way laws.

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