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June 2019 Archives

Car accident can result in a torn meniscus

A car accident can cause a wide variety of injuries. Although many of these injuries by themselves are relatively minor, the accumulation of multiple moderate injuries can still leave a car accident victim in a painful and worrisome predicament. Physically recovering from a multitude of injuries can be challenging in many ways. Sure, it can be physically and emotionally trying, but it can also be financially draining.

Truck accident cases can be fraught with complexities

Phoenix residents who find themselves operating their vehicles near semi-trucks can wind up nervous. This is usually because they know that one minor mistake on a trucker's part can cause serious damage, leaving them with serious injuries. All too often this fear becomes a reality. In these situations, car accident victims can struggle to find a way to overcome their injuries, regain their physical capabilities, recover their financial losses, ease their emotional trauma and obtain a sense of justice.

Soft tissue damage can temporarily paralyze victims

Immediately after a car accident, sports collision or other strong impact, victims may not feel any soreness or stiffness for hours or even until the next day. This can cause some victims to assume that they survive the experience without any serious injuries, and they may even continue with their daily routine without receiving a full physical examination.

Brain injury can require extensive home preparations

Far too often, car accident victims are left with catastrophic injuries. Amongst these injuries are those that affect the brain and spinal cord. Many Arizonans are aware of the physical limitations that can be imposed upon these individuals, but it is often challenging to see how these injuries can affect one's day-to-day living.

A statistical look at the ebb and flow of safety on Arizona roads

Safety on the roads in Arizona ebbs and flows depending on various factors. Taking a look at crash statistics for the state shows that there are some prevalent risks. One thing that is blatantly obvious when you review the information is that many accidents could have been prevented if drivers would have ensured they were in an appropriate condition to drive and that they were following applicable traffic laws.

Apparent failure to yield results in pedestrian's death

Even though pedestrians are a common sight across the Phoenix area, far too many motorists fail to take the steps necessary to recognize them and protect their safety. This is of critical importance considering that pedestrians are without protection, meaning that they are usually seriously injured when struck by a vehicle. The damages associated with these pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic, too, often leaving victims and their families reeling from the physical, emotional and financial losses that are suddenly thrust upon them.

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