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September 2018 Archives

Why do dogs bark at the mailman?

Sometimes it seems like dogs just have an intense hatred for the mailman -- or the UPS driver, or the FedEx driver or pretty much any package delivery person who stops by the house. Many dogs leap toward the door or the window, barking endlessly. If they got out of the house or out of the yard, it feels like they would attack immediately.

Woman files lawsuit after horrific dog attack

Most Arizonans like animals in one form or another. This is why they have pets or dote on the pets of others. While most of these animals, whether they be dogs, cats, or reptiles, are docile and loving, some can prove to be dangerous. An animal's initial demeanor shouldn't lull an individual into a false sense of security. This is because negligent pet owners oftentimes fail to take appropriate action when their animals are known to be aggressive.

Chevy releases app aimed at preventing distracted driving

The chances are pretty high that when you can look at individuals who are driving around you at any given point in time, at least one of them is looking down at a cell phone. By taking their eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, these motorists are traveling great distances with what essentially equates to blindness. The extent of this problem is staggering, too. A recent survey found that even though 84 percent of people identify cell phone usage while driving as a dangerous activity, 90 percent of those surveyed admitted to engaging in such behavior. This has led to an unbelievable number of accidents that have left innocent individuals seriously injured or dead.

Trick-or-treating safety tips on Halloween

Taking children trick-or-treating is a fun experience for them. This fun doesn't come without hazards, though. It is a priority to make sure that the young people stay safe. Everyone who is around the children, including drivers and property owners, must do their part to make this happen.

A broken nose may require more extensive medical treatment

There are a number of injuries that are commonly suffered in car accidents. Broken bones, cuts and lacerations, and whiplash are all seen with frequency in the aftermath of wrecks. Their commonality doesn't diminish the pain they can cause, though, and these injuries oftentimes require extensive medical treatment that can leave a victim with long-term damage.

Why are broken bones serious injuries?

The impact of a car wreck can lead to many different injuries. One of the possibilities is a broken bone. There are many different ways that bones can break and just as many impacts that this painful injury can have on the victim's life.

The importance of objections during personal injury litigation

If you've ever watched a courtroom drama on television or in a movie, then you may feel pretty familiar with some of the legal maneuvers and tactics that are employed during litigation. While some of these portrayals carry hints of truth, many of them are dramatized for effect. One thing about making and meeting objections that makes them of critical importance, though, is the impact that they can have not only on the pending matter, but also on any potential appeal.

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