Woman files lawsuit after horrific dog attack

Most Arizonans like animals in one form or another. This is why they have pets or dote on the pets of others. While most of these animals, whether they be dogs, cats, or reptiles, are docile and loving, some can prove to be dangerous. An animal’s initial demeanor shouldn’t lull an individual into a false sense of security. This is because negligent pet owners oftentimes fail to take appropriate action when their animals are known to be aggressive.

Just take a look at a recent case involving a woman who was attacked by an English bull terrier. There, the dog, which was allegedly allowed to roam the neighborhood, attacked the woman and a man who tried to help her. The dog’s jaws clamped down on the man’s arm, requiring bystanders to us anything they could find, including a rope, pepper spray, and even a hammer to get the dog away. The animal was eventually shot and killed by another individual on the scene.

The woman, whose children were with her during the attack, has filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. She is seeking $600,000 in damages. According to her lawsuit, her injuries required fourteen stitches and have left her with a disability. She further claims that the dog had attacked another individual in the past, yet, despite this incident, the owner failed to take appropriate action to ensure that the dog didn’t hurt anyone else.

The physical pain this woman suffered is unimaginable. The emotion damage caused to her and her children is also significant. If she succeeds on her lawsuit and recovers compensation, hopefully she can find the closure she wants as well as the resources she needs to obtain the medical care she deserves. Then, perhaps, she can move past this incident and get back to her normal life knowing that she found accountability for a horrendous and preventable incident. Those who find themselves in a similar situation should likewise consider legal action.

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