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March 2019 Archives

Helping children heal after a brain injury

Being involved in a car wreck with your children in the vehicle is a harrowing experience for parents. There are many possible injuries that the child could suffer, including a brain injury. If your kid does have this type of injury, even if it is a concussion, you are in for a long road toward recovery while they heal.

Fatal motorcycle accident kills Phoenix man

The danger posed by negligent driving behavior amplifies when committed near a motorcyclist. These motorists are extremely vulnerable because they lack the protections afforded to those in passenger vehicles, primarily seat belts and air bags. As a result, those individuals who are involved in a motorcycle accident often suffer the worst consequences, as evidence by a recent fatal wreck right here in Phoenix.

Pedestrian accident victims deserve a voice

Over the past few weeks previous posts here have discussed pedestrian accidents. Sadly, pedestrian accidents continue to increase in frequency, and those pedestrians who are involved in them are often left with serious injuries. In the worst cases, these pedestrian accident victims succumb to their injuries. Those affected by these wrecks, including victims and their families, can end up facing significant damages that are not only financial in nature, but can also involve extensive physical and emotional pain and suffering. Surviving family members may suffer from loss of support and companionship.

Children often suffer lasting injuries in dog bite attacks

Most children are naturally outgoing and curious. When they meet a new dog, they are very likely to want to go pet it and make friends with it. Unfortunately, not every dog is excited to receive that kind of attention. Some dogs could even become violent, biting and injuring the children that thought only to play with the animal.

Number of fatal pedestrian accidents rises significantly

Pedestrians are common throughout the Phoenix area. Their presence is so common, in fact, that it should be second nature for motorists to act in ways that protect those pedestrians' safety. The sad reality, however, is that pedestrians are struck and injured or killed with a frequency that is nothing short of startling.

Effects of a brain injury can be long-lasting and wide-ranging

A car accident can be a life-changing event. While some car accident victims can escape a wreck with only financial damage caused to their vehicle, others are subjected to serious physical injuries. Perhaps the most severe amongst these are brain injuries. Those who suffer brain trauma can face long-lasting effects, and their recoveries are often incomplete. The direct effects of such an injury can result in an inability to walk and adequately communicate, and thought processes are often affected as well.

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