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October 2018 Archives

Drunk driving is still a problem in Arizona

For a long time now, the government, legal, and nonprofit worlds have been working together to try to curtail drunk driving. The thought is that coordinated efforts aimed at raising awareness of the dangers and penalties associated with drunk driving will deter individuals from climbing behind the wheel while under the influence. While these efforts are valiant and do make a difference, they are a long way away from preventing drunk driving accidents from occurring and protecting innocent and unsuspecting motorists.

Tips everyone can use to improve pedestrian safety

Helping to keep pedestrians safe is a duty that everyone on the road shares. Drivers have to be especially careful because they pose a big risk to everyone who is walking around. The injuries that people who are struck by cars can face are very serious. These include everything from road rash to spinal cord or brain injuries. Even death is possible.

Phoenix motorcycle accident leaves one dead

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your free time. Yet, those who ride these vehicles can be at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. One reason is because of motorcycles' small size, which can cause them to be lost in another driver's blind spot. Motorcyclists can also be at significant risk of being seriously injured in these wrecks because they are not afforded the protections found in other vehicles. In the worse cases, motorcycle accidents result in death.

Poor truck maintenance can cause a serious accident

Semi-trucks can be daunting when you confront them on the road, especially when you are surrounded by more than one of them. This apprehension about driving around these big rigs is justified, as a minor driving error on a trucker's part can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, federal regulators do their part to make trucking as safe as possible for other motorists by implementing and upholding safety regulations.

7 common causes of car crashes

Driving is always a risky activity, despite how it becomes second nature to those of us who have been driving for years. One thing that is particularly troubling is that you are at the mercy of other people. If anyone is operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner, they are putting everyone else at risk.

Be careful when choosing a firm to handle your dog bite case

Recently on this blog we've talked about events where people have been attacked by aggressive dogs. Sadly, those who find themselves in these situations can wind up facing years, if not decades, of hardship on account of the harm caused to them. They may be left physically disabled, disfigured, and emotionally scarred. The medical care they require can be quite expensive, and they may have to take time off work in order to recoup, which may mean lost wages.

Senior citizens have driving risks but are mostly safe drivers

Older Americans have just as much right as anyone else to enjoy the nation's roadways. Some people think that elderly individuals are more unsafe drivers than their younger cohorts. While it is true that they do have some unique challenges, they are actually fairly safe drivers. statistically.

Drunk driver causes fatal Phoenix accident

Most traffic offenses are pretty minor. Failing to use a blinker, for example, is probably something a lot of people have done at one time or another. While infractions like this, including speeding and failing to yield, can pose an accident risk to other motorists, they pale in comparison to some driving behaviors that can be considered criminal in nature.

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