Poor truck maintenance can cause a serious accident

Semi-trucks can be daunting when you confront them on the road, especially when you are surrounded by more than one of them. This apprehension about driving around these big rigs is justified, as a minor driving error on a trucker’s part can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, federal regulators do their part to make trucking as safe as possible for other motorists by implementing and upholding safety regulations.

While many of these regulations deal with the act of driving itself, there are also regulations that deal with truck maintenance. These rules and regulations are of critical importance, as an improperly maintained truck can be just as dangerous as a maintained truck driven by a fatigued, intoxicated, or distracted trucker.

So what regulations apply to truck maintenance? Generally speaking, truck companies must keep their vehicles in safe and proper working condition, and every component must be systematically inspected to ensure safety. To start, truckers are required to complete a full inspection of their vehicle at the end of each driving day. Any detected defects must then be reported to the truck company, which must then certify that the issue has been repaired or that it is unnecessary to repair the problem prior to the truck returning to the road. Trucks must undergo an annual inspection, too.

An improperly maintained truck can pose a significant risk to other motorists on the road. When a defect causes a truck accident, and injuries result from that wreck, a personal injury lawsuit may be justified. Those who pursue this legal action and succeed may be able to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. This can require strong legal arguments, though, so these accident victims may want to think about acquiring the assistance of a skilled legal professional who can help them gather evidence and witnesses to support their claim.

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