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October 2019 Archives

4 areas of risk to think about regarding car wrecks

While it is easy to focus on the immediate causes of crashes, there are sometimes underlying factors that can influence the risk that a person will be involved in one. A victim of a car wreck might be shocked to see what types of things are considered when they opt to pursue a claim for compensation. In many cases, those deeper risks are included along with other factors.

The different types of animal bites

Owning an animal comes with many responsibilities. Whether it is a dog, cat, horse, livestock, or a wild animal, a pet owner is not only required to care for the animal, but they are also responsible for ensuring others are safe from harm when around the animal. Thus, when an animal bite occurs, a victim should understand that the owner could face liability for damages caused by the bite.

How common are fatal bicycle accidents in Phoenix?

The warm weather in Arizona causes many residents and visitors to spend their time outdoors. Whether an individual engages in it for enjoyment or as a mode of transportation, bicycling is a common occurrence in our city. While the cities throughout the state are equipped with mechanisms to ease bicycle travel, the unfortunate reality is that many cyclists are injured and killed each year in automobile accidents.

Prepare for cooler weather bicycle rides

Even through Arizona residents don't usually have to worry about wintry precipitation, there are still some challenges for bicyclists during the cooler months of the year. Making sure you understand these and taking the time to prepare can help you to remain safer as you ride.

Helping you take action following a pedestrian accident

Whether it is in a residential area, on a city street, in a parking lot or rural area, the reality is that pedestrians abound in Arizona. Even when residents in Arizona and elsewhere are not getting around primarily by foot, at the very least they get to and from their vehicle by the simple act of walking. When a pedestrian is walking where motor vehicles are traveling, this can generate a wide range of risks and dangers.

Pedestrian accident leaves Phoenix man dead, another injured

When people think of pedestrian accidents they often think of individuals who are struck by negligent drivers while crossing the street. Although this is a common type of pedestrian accident often caused by driver distraction, fatigue, or intoxication, it is not the only way that pedestrians can be injured by motor vehicles. In fact, when in close proximity to a roadway, there is very little that can protect a pedestrian from serious injury when an errant driver heads in their direction.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are often caused by the driver

As a pedestrian, everywhere you look you see motor vehicles. Some of these are in parking lots, but just as many are moving. While there's nothing you can do to guarantee the avoidance of a pedestrian-vehicle accident, knowledge of the primary causes can help you adjust your approach to safety.

Accidents remain concern after city halts bike lane proposal

Bicycle accidents are common throughout the Phoenix metro area. Although sometimes bicyclists are at fault in these wrecks, more often than not motorists are to blame. Making matters worse is the fact that many of these bicycle accidents result in serious injuries given the lack of protection afforded to bicyclists and the rate of speed at which these wrecks often occur. Although some may place their comfort in the work of local and state agencies, as well as governments, that are tasked with ensuring bicyclists' safety, they often fall short of expectations.

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