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November 2019 Archives

Air bags are important but they have some risks

Air bags play an important role in helping to keep vehicle occupants safe when they are on the roads. These cushions of air are deployed when there is a crash. A sensor that measures factors that could indicate a crash initiates the chemical reaction that causes the bag to inflate.

Helping you file a lawsuit after a motorcycle crash

Even when cooler temperatures creep in, residents in Arizona and other southern states enjoy fairly warm or mild weather during the winter months. This means that motorcyclists are seen on the roadways throughout the year. Even though they have a commonplace, some motorists in Arizona fail to check their surroundings and take note of motorcyclists traveling around them. Whether it is due to distractions, failure to check blind spots, or some other type of recklessness, when a motorcycle accident occurs, the results can be catastrophic.

Are autonomous vehicle programs putting you at risk?

Drivers who rely on GPS navigation know that these systems aren't always accurate. Checking the news sometimes comes with hearing stories about drivers ending up in odd places because the GPS misguided them. While this might not be much of an issue when there is a human driver in the vehicle who can realize that something is amiss and correct the route, it is a huge problem for autonomous vehicles.

Distracted driving not just a concern with young drivers

Young drivers behind the wheel of a vehicle can be a scary reality to take on. These inexperienced drivers may be more prone to take risks and generally are not well versed when it comes to defensive driving and avoiding collisions. Nonetheless, even the most experienced drivers in Arizona drive dangerously. After all, it is not only youthful drivers who drive while distracted. Baby boomers are also noted for their contribution to the distracted driving epidemic on the roadways across the nation.

Drunk driver crashes into patrol car, two officers hurt

Alcohol lowers a drinker's inhibitions and raises the amount of time they need to respond to external stimuli. Larger amounts of alcohol can cause a drinker to lose physical coordination and interfere with cognitive function. That can be a deadly combination when the drinker gets behind the wheel of a car. A drunk driver can make terrible decisions, fail to see obstructions and other people until it's too late, and wait too long to hit the brakes or steer out of the way.

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