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May 2019 Archives

Most dangerous dog bites identified by recent study

Even the most docile dog has the capacity to turn vicious. Some dogs who bite may do nothing more than nip, causing pinching pain or a scratch. Other dogs, however, can lash out and maul an individual, leaving the victim with serious injuries that can have long-term consequences. Now, a recently released study shines some light on which dog breeds pose the greatest bite risk and those that pose the greatest risk of serious harm.

Drowsy driving accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

Any driver who isn't physically and mentally able to control a vehicle shouldn't be on the road. While many people associate an inability to drive with impairment, they might not realize that drowsy driving is just as dangerous. In fact, being awake for 18 hours is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent, which is considered legally intoxicated.

Study shows marijuana use correlates with increase in accidents

A recent post here discussed how marijuana can diminish an individual's ability to drive safely. Those who are under the influence of this and other drugs can see their reaction times decreased, their ability to multitask limited and their perception impaired. As a result, they put themselves and other motorists at risk of being involved in a car accident. Negligent drivers who run red lights, fail to sufficiently brake for slow or stopped traffic and those who cross over into oncoming traffic can all cause serious and even fatal wrecks. Sadly, these are just a few of the negligent acts that can leave innocent individuals with serious injuries.

Intoxication may have caused motorcycle accident

Oftentimes, when we discuss motorcycle accidents, we talk about collisions that occur when other motorists fail to yield and thereafter turn into the path of a motorcyclist. While these types of driving errors contribute to a significant number of motorcycle accidents, they are not the only mistakes that can cause serious harm to motorcyclists.

Distracted driving is a problem that must be addressed

Distracted driving crashes are almost always preventable because each driver has the choice of what to allow to impact their ability to operate the vehicle. Some people think they can safely drive even when distracted. The harsh truth is that distracted driving doesn't only affect the person who is driving, but it impacts every other person who is sharing the road with them.

Marijuana use can increase car accident risk

Drunk driving continues to be a problem across Arizona. However, as marijuana becomes more acceptable in society, more individuals are turning to the drug. This means that there is likely to be an increase in the number of drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. But how, if at all, does marijuana affect a person's ability to drive safely?

Alleged drunk driver causes fatal accident

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one can be a difficult thing to handle. At a time of emotional turmoil for surviving family members, these individuals are forced to consider the oftentimes grim reality of their newfound financial situation. No one wants to think about money in the immediate passing of a loved one, but a personal injury lawsuit could provide much needed financial relief and a sense of justice and closure.

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