Drunk driving is still a problem in Arizona

For a long time now, the government, legal, and nonprofit worlds have been working together to try to curtail drunk driving. The thought is that coordinated efforts aimed at raising awareness of the dangers and penalties associated with drunk driving will deter individuals from climbing behind the wheel while under the influence. While these efforts are valiant and do make a difference, they are a long way away from preventing drunk driving accidents from occurring and protecting innocent and unsuspecting motorists.

The statistics related to drunk driving in Arizona help highlight its impact. According to the state, nearly 300 deaths resulted in Arizona in 2016 due to drunk driving. When looking at the country as a whole, about one-third of all accident fatalities are caused by an intoxicated driver. This holds true in Arizona where alcohol-impaired driving accounts for 30 percent of all traffic fatalities. These numbers in and of themselves are staggering, but there are also thousands of people injured every year in drunk driving accidents. These victims, and the families of those who are killed in these wrecks, can struggle to cope with their losses and to find a way to move forward. This is the true impact of drunk driving.

Yet, every day people choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In fact, nearly two percent of Arizonans admit to having driven drunk. So, next time you are on the Interstate, just think about how many drivers are around you at a given time. There’s a significant possibility that at least one of them is intoxicated.

While the criminal justice system and public safety initiatives continue to try to eat away at this problem, the fact remains that these efforts will do nothing for those who have already been, or will be, injured in a drunk driving accident. For these individuals, their only recourse may be taking civil legal action by pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Experienced and skilled attorneys can help these victims and their families determine a course of action that aggressively seeks justice and just compensation.

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