Tips everyone can use to improve pedestrian safety

Helping to keep pedestrians safe is a duty that everyone on the road shares. Drivers have to be especially careful because they pose a big risk to everyone who is walking around. The injuries that people who are struck by cars can face are very serious. These include everything from road rash to spinal cord or brain injuries. Even death is possible.

Here are some tips that pedestrians and drivers can use when they are heading out:

  • Ensure you are sober. Walking while you’re intoxicated can be dangerous since you might not make the correct decisions about risks. Driving after drinking is also dangerous due to the impacts that alcohol has on driving abilities. Unfortunately, many choose to overlook this risk.
  • Pay attention at crosswalks. Pedestrians should watch the signals at crosswalks and obey them. Drivers must avoid speeding through crosswalks without any regard to the pedestrians who might be crossing in them. This is especially important when there aren’t signals for the walkers to use.
  • Watch the sidewalks. Sometimes, young children won’t remain on the sidewalk. There is a chance that they will end up in the street. Drivers should remain vigilant especially when children are around. The adults walking with the kids should monitor them carefully to try to prevent them from going into the street.
  • Use more care when the weather limits visibility. People who are walking can wear bright or reflective clothing to make themselves easier to spot. Drivers must ensure that they are using their headlights if it is dark, raining or snowing.
  • Know the rules of the road. Many accidents could be prevented if drivers and pedestrians all follow them. It is never appropriate for a person to try to steal another party’s right of way. People who are walking shouldn’t ever assume that a driver is going to yield to them, even if it is their turn. Unfortunately, vehicle operators sometimes get too focused on getting to their destination quickly and won’t stop.
  • Avoid distractions. Blaring music in a vehicle and headphones for a pedestrian might make the journey more pleasant but they can be distracting. Instead, listen to what is going on around you. Additionally, put your phone away and focus only on getting where you need to go.

For a pedestrian who is injured when they are struck by a vehicle, medical care is often necessary. After they are stabilized, they might decide to seek compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

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