A broken nose may require more extensive medical treatment

There are a number of injuries that are commonly suffered in car accidents. Broken bones, cuts and lacerations, and whiplash are all seen with frequency in the aftermath of wrecks. Their commonality doesn’t diminish the pain they can cause, though, and these injuries oftentimes require extensive medical treatment that can leave a victim with long-term damage.

One of these injuries is a broken nose. Often suffered in high impact collisions, a nose can be broken even when an airbag deploys. Symptoms of a broken nose can include trouble breathing, bleeding from the nose that won’t stop, a change in the nose’s shape, and clear fluid draining from the nasal passages. A broken nose can be extremely painful. Although it can usually be reset without any difficulties, it can sometimes lead to more long-term issues.

There are three conditions that may require additional medical treatment. The first is a deviated septum. Here, the wall that separates your nostrils and their corresponding nasal passages changes position due to impact. This can narrow your nasal passages and make it difficult to breathe. The only way the condition can be remedied is through surgery. A cartilage fracture may also require surgical treatment, and so, too, can collection of blood that leads to the blockage of one or both of the nasal passages.

Those individuals who have to have extensive medical treatment to remedy a broken nose and its resulting conditions can be hit with unexpected medical bills. Additionally, they may have to miss work on account of the time they need to recover from their injuries. If this is the case, and a victim’s injuries were caused by an accident that resulted from the negligence of another, then a personal injury lawsuit may be justified. By discussing one’s particular set of circumstances with an experienced attorney, victims may be able to develop a legal strategy that leads to the imposition of liability and the recovery of compensation. Perhaps then a victim can feel like the responsible party was held accountable, and his or her finances don’t take an unnecessary hit while he or she focuses on recovering and getting back to his or her normal life.

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