Dog attack leaves woman hospitalized

Have you ever walked by someone’s house only to be scared by a barking dog? If so, then you’re not alone. Oftentimes dogs stand at fence lines, windows, or doors barking, eager to get out of their confinements to approach passersby. Fortunately, most of these dogs are kept where they are supposed to be, and those that do manage to escape are harmless. In some instances, though these dogs are vicious, and those who get in their way are likely to be seriously injured.

One woman found this out the hard way after a nasty animal attack left her hospitalized. According to reports, the woman was walking her own dog when four pit bulls escaped a fenced-in yard and attacked her. The woman was bitten on both of her arms. Those in the vicinity at the time rushed to the woman’s aid, having to use a baseball bat and even a vacuum cleaner to try to fend off the animals. Some witnesses indicated that the dogs have been known to escape their fenced yard, which leaves one wondering what other steps the dogs’ owner could have taken to ensure the safety of others.

Sadly, dog attacks like this are common throughout Arizona and the country as a whole. Although these stories tend not to attract a lot of media attention, the ramifications of a dog bite can be enormous. Victims like the woman mentioned above can be left with serious injuries, some of which can be disabling. Disfigurement is often a real possibility, too. So are lost wages when the injuries are severe enough to leave a victim unable to work.

Trying to find a way to cope with these damages and the physical and emotional pain associated with such an incident can be overwhelming. Anger can also take hold as victims ask themselves why the owner of the dog in question failed to take the proper steps to keep the dog away from others. In attempt to alleviate these feelings, dog bite victims can pursue a personal injury lawsuit. If one wins on his or her claim, compensation may be awarded, and a sense of justice and closure may be obtained.

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