Protections are available for victims of dog bites

Animal attacks can result in serious injuries to victims. Damages suffered by victims of animal bites can include physical, financial and emotional damages. Victims of animal bites, such as dog bites, can include nerve damage, muscle damage and severe lacerations. In addition, dog bite victims can suffer disabling injuries that may result in permanent disability and can suffer both physical and emotional scarring as a result of an animal attack.

Victims of dog bites may require extensive medical treatment and care, including medical care and treatment for disfiguring injuries suffered in an animal bite attack. Dog bites can also lead to emotional trauma in children and other victims who have suffered an animal attack. Because of the extensive nature of the damages dog bite victims are likely to suffer, legal protections are in place to help them when harmed.

Arizona follows what is referred to as strict liability dog bite law. Strict liability dog bite laws hold animal owners liable for the harm suffered by victims regardless of the circumstances or if the owner knew that the dog might bite someone or has bitten someone in the past. Only victims who are trespassing at the time of the dog bite or provoked the dog may not enjoy strict liability dog bite protections.

There are also important timelines to keep in mind associated with bringing a claim for damages in Arizona in dog bite situations so it is useful to be familiar with the process. Victims should be aware that dog bite laws and personal injury legal protections help victims recover compensation for damages they have suffered from a dog bite.

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