What is Arizona dog bite law and who does it protect?

This blog recently discussed what may happen when a victim has suffered a dog bite in Arizona and what legal remedies the victim may have following a dog attack. Victims may, however, wonder a little bit more about how Arizona dog bite law protects them. Arizona is a strict liability dog bite state which means that the owner of the dog does not have to be aware of vicious tendencies of the dog or prior incidents demonstrating the viciousness of the dog to be liable for damages suffered by the victim.

In Arizona, the owner of a dog is liable to the victim of the dog bite when the victim is in a public place or is lawfully in a private place, which can include the property of the owner of the dog, at the time of the dog bite. The owner of the dog may be liable for damages suffered by the victim. If the victim is not lawfully on the property, and in some other incidents, the dog owner may not be liable for the damages suffered by the victim but, generally, strict liability dog bite law in Arizona holds the owner of the dog liable for the harm it causes regardless of the circumstances.

Victims of a dog bite injury may be able to recover damages for the physical, financial and emotional losses suffered in a dog attack. Victims of a dog attack may unexpectedly face a long road to recovery both physically and emotionally. They may face mounting medical bills and emotional trauma as they try to recover from the unexpected dog attack.

Because of the serious, and sometimes life-altering, impact of a dog bite injury, victims are protected by laws in Arizona that allow them to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. Any victim harmed in a dog attack in Arizona should be familiar with the legal options and remedies available to them.

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