The dynamics of a car crash are important

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Motor vehicle accidents can cause a lot of trauma to the human body. For the people who are injured in these accidents, it might seem like the injuries they suffer aren’t really equal to the crash.

Understanding the dynamics of car accidents can sometimes help to understand why some people can walk away from a horrible accident with a scratch and why others suffer fatal injuries from accidents that look like fender-benders.

You have to look at the type of crash

Some crashes are automatically worse than others. For example, a head-on collision is the type of crash that is most likely to be fatal. T-bone accidents can lead to serious injuries because the doors of the car aren’t reinforced well. Rear-end crashes are likely to result in whiplash. Rollovers are often fatal, especially when restraints aren’t worn or the roof of the vehicle isn’t reinforced. Sideswipes often produce vehicle damage but not injuries.

There is more than one impact

When you are involved in an accident, you might automatically think about the impact between the vehicles as the most troubling aspect. This isn’t the case. There are actually three impacts.

The first is the vehicle impact. This occurs when the vehicle hits the external object.

The second is the human impact. This occurs when the body makes contact with objects since the body didn’t stop at the same speed or time as the vehicle.

The third is the internal impact. This occurs when the internal organs slam against other organs or structures in the body when the body stops.

Typically, the injuries that a person suffers in an accident occur during the second and third impacts. These injuries can range from minor to fatal.

Safety measures are important

Vehicle manufacturers are taking steps to try to make these vehicles safer. Occupants must do their part in staying safe. One of the best ways to stay safe in a crash is to wear a seat belt. Drivers who drive safely can also help others to remain safe.

Because car accidents usually happen in a split second, there isn’t much that you can do to brace for the impact. This means that once the accident is inevitable, it is usually too late to do anything. When injuries do occur, you should make sure that you get medical care to evaluate the injury. You also need to follow the treatment plan so that you can work to overcome the effects of the injury.

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