Phoenix pedestrian accident leaves man hospitalized

With its nice weather, Phoenix is a city where pedestrians can be seen out and about year-round. This also means it’s a city where pedestrian accidents can occur at any time. Far too many motorists ignore pedestrians, primarily by failing to be attentive and stop at crosswalks. This unawareness or ambivalence about pedestrian safety can lead to a collision that leaves a pedestrian seriously injured, requiring extensive medical treatment, missing a significant amount of work and suffering emotional turmoil.

According to recent reports, one Phoenix man may be in this position now after being struck while crossing the street at 27th street and Indian School Road. Based on police reports, the wreck occurred when a motorist driving a small vehicle failed to yield at a crosswalk. The accident left the pedestrian with injuries that required hospitalization. However, the injuries were considered nonlife-threatening. The driver was subsequently arrested. Authorities indicated that intoxication was observed, which could have played a significant role in the wreck.

Sadly, accidents like this are more common than we care to think. Too many motorists are drunk, drugged, distracted or unaware of pedestrians and the measures that must be taken in order to ensure their safety. When this negligence leaves a victim with injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, he or she may want to consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury claim can provide a lot of relief to a victim. Of course, a successful claim may result in the recovery of compensation, but it can also provide a sense of justice and bring closure to the matter. The process can be challenging, though, especially when a negligent driver is represented by an aggressive defense attorney. In these situations, it may be best for a victim to have a strong advocate by his or her side.

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