Dog attacks aren’t common but are very serious

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There are many people who have dogs as pets. For most people, making sure that their dogs are socialized and well trained is a priority. This is one way that these owners can help to ensure that their dogs aren’t going to be a danger to society.

Dog attacks don’t occur often but there are around 4.5 million dog bites on humans each year. Whether these were caused by improper training, socialization or handling, the difficulty that the victims face is paramount.

The bite wound location can devastate

The bite wound itself can devastate the victim. This isn’t necessarily the case if the bite is a minor one in a place where it can be hidden under clothing. A bite to the face, however, can lead to serious effects because it can be disfiguring. Bites that are on the hands can be hard to deal with because people use their hands for almost everything, but they might have to avoid doing this due to the bite. Bites on the legs can impact mobility.

The infection risk is considerable

Not all dog bite wounds will become infected. In fact, only around 20 percent of bites become infected. A person who seeks medical care will likely be given a course of antibiotics to stave off a possible infection. This is also why it is often recommended to let the bite wound air out and heal naturally instead of covering it or closing it with stitches. Of course, there are instances in which stitches will be necessary.

Age and gender matter

Males are more likely to be bitten by a dog than females. Children are more likely to be bitten than adults. The age group of the highest risk of being bitten by a dog is from five to nine years old. Children who are bitten by a dog are more likely to require medical care.

Impacts of a dog attack

People who suffer from a dog bite might end up being scared of dogs. They may have to deal with very painful wounds that take time to heal. When the attack is particularly gruesome, there is a chance that the scarring and impacts of the attack could last a lifetime. Serious dog bite injuries might require long-term medical care that includes frequent doctor visits and possibly physical therapy. All of these impacts can be financially costly, but the scarring and emotional trauma can also devastate the victim.

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