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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is constantly reviewing and analyzing national traffic statistics related to U.S. roadways. One important topic that the NHTSA addresses is the subject of motorcycle safety.

Motorcyclists, who share the road with heavy vehicles, have very little protection to prevent injuries — aside from their helmets — in the event a crash. As such, it’s important for all motorcycle enthusiasts to understand the risks and accident statistics associated with riding motorcycles so they can minimize the chances of getting into a serious crash as much as possible.

Important statistics about motorcycle accidents

The most recent statistics published by the NHTSA about motorcycle accidents come from 2013. However, they are still extremely relevant today. According to the NHTSA, 4,668 motorcyclists died in 2013 as a result of vehicle traffic crashes, and motorcyclists made up 14 percent of traffic deaths. In addition, another 88,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries.

Most of the motorcyclists who died in crashes — 94 percent — were the motorcycle operators themselves and just 6 percent were riders. These figures are probably a reflection of the fact that most motorcyclists ride their bikes solo the majority of the time.

Twenty-two percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involved a collision with fixed objects, 18 percent involved collisions with passenger vehicles, 14 were with pickup trucks and 4 percent were with big trucks.

2 things that will reduce motorcycle crash risks

One important consideration to note is that 34 percent of motorcyclists involved in crashes were noted to have been speeding by police. A second important consideration is the fact that 28 percent involved in fatal motorcycle collisions had been drinking alcohol.

As such, two very simple things that all motorcyclists can do to dramatically decrease their chances of getting into a crash involve following the speed limit and refraining from drinking alcohol and riding.

Were you hurt in a motorcycle crash?

If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle crash, or if your loved one was killed in a motorcycle crash — due to the fault of another driver — you may want to learn more about your legal rights and options. The more you know, the better capacity you’ll have to evaluate whether you can pursue a financial recovery relating to your injuries, or the loss of your loved one.

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