Competent legal representation needed after motorcycle accident

Previously, this blog discussed statistics that show just how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be. Although motorcyclists can take steps, such as wearing a helmet, to protect themselves, the sad truth of the matter is that no amount of defensive driving can fully protect a motorcyclist from the negligence of another. A driver who speeds, possesses motorcycle unawareness or is intoxicated can fail to yield to a motorcyclist or fail to slow for stopped traffic, causing a devastating motorcycle accident. Victims of these wrecks can be left with tremendous damages as a result.

Of course, the most immediate damage is the physical pain suffered. A motorcyclist may suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, severe lacerations, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and road rash. All of these harms can limit one’s physical capabilities and leave him or her with permanent disability and disfiguration. Yet, the damages don’t end there. A victim may also suffer significant financial losses from medical expenses and lost wages. Taken together, these damages can cause serious emotional pain and suffering.

Motorcycle accident victims who find themselves in this position may find it hard to see a bright future. But the truth of the matter is that they may be able to find financial relief that can allow them to focus on reclaiming their health and their future. To do so, though, they will probably have to file a successful lawsuit against a negligent individual. This is where the assistance of a skilled legal professional, like those at Gary Phillips Accident Law, may prove valuable.

At our firm, we go to great lengths to ensure our clients receive the representation they need and deserve. This means ensuring that all evidence that supports their case is discovered and utilized appropriately, that the defense’s legal arguments are strongly rebutted and that settlement negotiations and litigation are carried out with competence and aggression. In the end, our firm is dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their lives. We’re proud of our proven ability to do so, and we therefore encourage others who are interested in learning more to continue exploring our website.

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