Pedestrian accidents can lead to serious injuries

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Pedestrians who are walking around the Phoenix area expect to remain safe while they are walking. Drivers have a duty to drive in an appropriate manner to help keep everyone around them free of danger.

When pedestrians are involved in an accident, there is a good chance that they will suffer injuries. The risk of injuries is present whether the vehicle is moving fast or slowly.

Driver negligence might contribute

There is a chance that driver negligence is the cause of the accident. In these cases, the driver didn’t take the necessary steps to remain safe. When drivers are negligent, injured pedestrians might choose to seek compensation for their injuries.

Some examples of negligent behavior by a driver include driving too fast for the current conditions or driving over the speed limit. Distracted driving, drunk driving and disobeying traffic signals are other examples. Two big factors for pedestrian accidents include failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians who are in crosswalks and failing to use a turn signal. By not using a turn signal, the driver isn’t letting the pedestrian know where they are going.

Pedestrians must be careful

Pedestrians have to take steps to keep themselves safe. Following the signals for crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing the street can help. Even when a pedestrian has the right of way to cross the street, it is a good idea to check for oncoming traffic. If you see a car barreling toward you and it couldn’t reasonably stop before it gets to you, it might be best to wait until that vehicle passes so that you don’t get hit.

Special consideration in these accidents

Children aren’t held to the same standards as adults when they are walking around the street. The greatest risk of being hit by a vehicle is associated with children who are 5 to 9 years old. Drivers who near areas with children, such as schools or parks, are expected to pay close attention to the children in the area.

Take proper steps after the accident

If you are struck by a vehicle, contact emergency services. You will certainly need the police to come out. If you are injured, you need to get medical care for those injuries. You should collect the same information in these accidents as you would collect in a car crash. Get the driver’s name and contact information. Gather witness information. Be careful about what statements you make to others. Never admit fault or even say you are sorry for what happened.

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