Animal bites of all kinds more common than we think

Arizonans have a wide variety of pets. Some people find the cuddles of a dog or cat to be right for them, while others are fascinated by the life of snakes and other reptiles. Regardless of the type of pet an individual owns, he or she needs to be careful when allowing other people around it. When they fail to take certain precautions, an innocent person can be bitten which, in turn, can result in serious damages. These damages can be physical in nature, but they can also be emotionally and financially harmful too.

The occurrence of animal bites is staggering as well. According to the World Health Organization, for example, about five million people across the globe are bitten by snakes. While the vast majority of these are wild, there is surely a number that are kept as pets. Additionally, more than four million Americans are injured each year by dog bites. Nearly a million of these injuries require medical treatment and 30,000 require reconstructive surgery. Infection is a common result of these bites, too, which can lead to additional medical complications.

Even seemingly tame cats can pose a threat. The WHO estimates that 400,000 people are injured in the U.S. by cat bites, with more than 65,000 emergency room visits occurring as a result. Those who are attacked by a cat, or any other animal for that manner, can suffer greatly. They may incur unexpected medical expenses, be subjected to disfigurement and forever be afraid of animals that they once loved.

Figuring out how to pay for these losses can be challenging. However, if the animal who attacked a victim was owned by another, then compensation may be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit. To learn more about the legalities involved, those who have been hurt in one of these vicious attacks should consider obtaining legal guidance about their matter.

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