Stay safe during fall foliage motorcycle rides

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Motorcycles offer a unique vantage point for people who want to view the fall foliage. If you are heading out for a scenic ride, you need to make sure that you are doing your part to remain safe.

Your safety doesn’t start with the motorcycle. In fact, you have to take steps to protect yourself before you even leave the house. Of course, safety on the motorcycle is also necessary. Here are some safety points to consider:

Dress for the weather

You can’t base your attire decisions on the forecast. Instead, you need to think about how you feel on the open road. Typically, you should dress for weather that is a bit colder than what you feel when you walk outside. This is because the wind that you experience during your ride will cool things off a bit. Wearing long sleeves, a leather jacket, jeans and boots is ideal. You might also need to have riding gloves if the weather is particularly nippy. Remember, you can always take a layer off if you get too warm, but you can’t add more layers if you don’t have more clothing available.

Do a quick inspection

Check your motorcycle to ensure that it is ready to ride. The chain, brakes, tires and lights are some of the vital areas to check. Each of these must be functioning properly or you risk it causing something to happen that results in an accident. The safety check doesn’t have to be a tedious process, but it should be completed before each ride.

Watch for wildlife

The fall months are full of active wildlife, especially deer. If you know what a deer can do to a normal car, you can imagine the results of one hitting a motorcycle. Since deer don’t typically watch for vehicles, you need to watch for them. This is especially true if you are near a wooded area.

Avoid fallen leaves

Leaves that have fallen make a beautiful blanket on the ground, but it can also be a dangerous one. The leaves can make your motorcycle slide, which could lead to an accident. The danger is enhanced when the leaves are damp, such as in the morning when the dew hasn’t evaporated.

Pay attention to other drivers

Other drivers pose a hazard to you, so you have to be vigilant about watching what they are doing. Some people might not realize that motorcyclists are still out on the road. This coupled with the small profile of your vehicle might lead to a crash. You might suffer from serious injuries if you are involved in a motorcycle crash, so be ready to seek medical attention right away.

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