Accident reconstruction can help a personal injury claim

Accidents are not only unexpected but can be difficult to explain. In the wake of a car accident, an investigation may be undertaken in an attempt to determine who was at fault. This investigation can serve many purposes, including helping law enforcement and prosecutors determine if criminal charges need to be brought. Car accident victims may want to support a reconstruction of the accident site, too, as it may help them build a case for imposing liability on a negligent driver. This, in turn, could lead to the recovery of much needed compensation.

There are many aspects of an accident reconstruction. First, it is imperative to assess the police report to determine its sufficiency. By analyzing this document, one can determine whether there were any witnesses to the accident, whether pertinent photographs were taken and even whether important weather conditions were noted. Once the police report is analyzed, one can find gaps in the story and begin the investigation.

Accident reconstruction can be very scientific in nature. For example, it may be important to assess tire marks, measure drag and figure a vehicle’s momentum. Doing so can help an investigator determine the speed a car was traveling when the brakes were initiated, meaning that such an analysis may help determine whether a vehicle was speeding, traveling into oncoming traffic, or following too closely to another vehicle prior to an accident occurring.

When such evidence is used in a personal injury lawsuit, victims need to be prepared to confront an expert witness put forth by the defense who will try to rebut the claims put forth. This requires having a full understanding of car accidents and the legal options when examining an adverse witness. For this reason, it is often in a victim’s best interest to have a strong and experienced legal advocate on his or her side. Those who want to learn more about accident reconstruction and how it may help him or her can speak with an attorney of his or her choosing.

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