Phoenix animal attack leaves woman dead

There are many Arizonans who love animals. Many of us have taken these animals into our homes as pets. Yet, despite our domestication of cats, dogs and other animals, many of them still hold onto their natural instincts. This means that at just about any moment, a seemingly docile pet can snap, attacking a pet owner, a friend or someone who just happens to be nearby.

The results of an animal attack can be nothing short of shocking, as one recent incident in Phoenix highlights. According to reports, a woman who was volunteering at a boarding kennel was attacked by a dog housed there. The woman, who was found in an exercise area meant for the kennel’s dogs, was found with multiple dog bit wounds. Although she was rushed to the hospital, she subsequently died from her injuries. Reports indicate that an Akita, which stands two feet tall at the shoulders and weighs more than 100 pounds, is to blame for the attack. Afterwards, the animal was taken away by animal control and will be euthanized.

This attack is tragic to say the least, and similar incidences are far too common. Fortunately, most victims are able to recover from the harm they suffer at the hands of aggressive animals, but even their road to recovery can be fraught with challenges. These victims may struggle to cope with disfigurement, find a way to pay their medical expenses and try to erase scarring.

Fortunately, those who survive a dog bite may be able to recover compensation for their damages if they pursue a personal injury lawsuit. These cases can be highly contentious, though, as pet owners often claim that the animal was provoked, which, if persuasive, is an argument that can bar one’s recovery of compensation. With so much at stake, those who are injured in these incidences, as well as those who have lost a loved one to an animal attack, may want to speak with an experienced attorney to determine their best course of action.

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