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We all get distracted from time to time; however, when we get distracted at work, at home or at a store, this is not usually described as dangerous. But that is not the case when distractions enter a vehicle. It’s no secret that distracted driving has become a major impediment to roadway safety. Many Arizonans send text messages, scan social media and even take pictures while driving. But distracted driving isn’t limited to the use of an electronic device. Eating, talking to others, searching for objects within the vehicle and even grooming one’s self can take attention from the road. When this occurs, other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians can all be put in harm’s way.

Those who are injured in an accident caused by one of these negligent drivers may be able to recover compensation for their damages, which can be quite extensive. If you are one of these victims, then you know that you can incur unexpected and seemingly insurmountable medical expenses, be subjected to excruciating pain and find yourself overwhelmed with the stresses associated with recovering from an accident. In order to successfully recover compensation for damages suffered, though, you need to put forth a compelling case that is convincing to a judge, jury and even the defendant.

The legal team at Gary Phillips Accident Law strives to provide our clients with the advocacy necessary to reach favorable outcomes. This means not only gathering all relevant evidence and witness testimony, but also challenging the defense’s evidence and crafting arguments based on the evidence and the law. We are skilled at showing judges, juries and even defense attorneys how and why a case should be found in our clients’ favor, which can result in successful settlement negotiations and litigations.

We recognize that proving negligence is just a part of the legal process. Even when negligence is established, one still needs to demonstrate the extent of their damages. We provide comprehensive representation that can be custom tailored to our clients’ needs. Those who are interested in why so many Arizonans have made Gary Phillips Accident Law their number one choice for legal representation can continue to browse our website.

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