Dog bite can leave a victim severely disfigured

Many Arizona residents love animals. When they see a dog, cat or any other domesticated animal, they likely find themselves making efforts to engage and befriend the animal. Most often, these acts result in nothing more than some bonding. However, these animals aren’t always friendly. In fact, sometimes another’s beloved pet turns violent and attacks another individual, causing serious injuries. Those who are hurt in these instances can face significant damages that may include physical pain and suffering, medical expenses and disfiguring injuries .

When it comes to the disfiguration that can be caused, victims may be facing more than annoying scars, as evidenced by one dog bite victim. The woman, whose nose took the brunt of a vicious dog attack, is about to undergo her eight surgeries to repair the damage caused. She expected to receive another series of surgeries after that. The attack literally ripped the nose off of her face, leaving nothing but the nasal cavities allowing her to breathe.

The recovery process hasn’t been easy. The surgeries are incredibly expensive, and they have left her susceptible to germs and infections. Her appearance following the incident left her so startled that she covered up every mirror in her house.

The fact of the matter is that these types of animal attacks are more common than many of us realize, and their effects can be nothing short of tragic. When an unprovoked animal attacks, though, a victim may be able to recover compensation for his or her injuries. Those who want to learn more about the legal process involved in seeking these damages can speak with a qualified attorney, as success on one of these claims could provide the financial stability needed during a time when medical expenses can be through the roof.

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