Hit-and-run accident kills Phoenix grandmother

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that car accidents are a significant problem on the streets of Phoenix. Too often, our news stations cover crashes where innocent individuals are left severely injured or killed by the negligent, preventable accidents of others. These incidences are heartbreaking, but the story often extends much further than these initial reports indicate. Victims and their families may be left with months, years or even decades of physical pain and suffering, as well as financial losses, such as unexpected medical expenses and lost wages. In hopes of recovering these damages, victims and their families can pursue a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

One Phoenix family may want to consider taking legal action after a fatal hit-and-run accident. According to reports, a 53-year-old grandmother was killed after she was struck while crossing the street in a crosswalk. The police indicate that a car bumper was recovered from the scene, but there were no witnesses to the accident. The victim had initially survived the accident, but she succumbed to her injuries after being taken to the hospital. The woman is survived by her two children and three grandchildren, with whom she was planning to spend the holidays with.

This woman’s surviving family is no doubt wracked with grief. Yet, their suffering likely doesn’t end there. They will probably have to find a way to cover funeral costs, medical expenses and lost wages. Should they choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, the family may be able to recover compensation for their losses. Of course, this case is complicated by the fact that the negligent hit-and-run driver has yet to be located, but once caught, a civil case could be filed against him or her.

In the aftermath of a car accident, a victim and his or her family can face numerous and extreme emotions. During this time, perhaps the last thing they want to think about is dealing with a lawsuit. This is why competent Phoenix-area attorneys stand ready to help. Those who want to learn about how to build a strong case against a negligent driver should think about contacting one of these attorneys.

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