What should I do immediately after a car accident?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, then you know the amount of stress you experience immediately following the crash. Though these moments may pass by in a whirlwind, there are certain steps that you need to make sure you take not only to protect yourself, but also to protect any potential legal claim that you may pursue in the future.

First, you should be sure to stay at the scene of an accident. Not only is it illegal to flee the scene of an accident, but you may lose out on gathering some key information. Then, you should check on all parties involved in the wreck to determine if anyone needs any medical attention. If they do, then you should be sure to call 9-1-1.

Next, you should call the police. By having the police investigate the accident and create a police report, you may have stronger evidence of who was at fault. This can become key in the event that you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. In addition to collecting information from others who were involved in the accident, it would be wise to speak with any witnesses, gathering their information as well. You should also take pictures of the accident, if possible.

If you need medical treatment following an accident, it is wise to keep documentation of it, even if the treatment occurs well after the accident. This information can help you prove the extent of your damages when pursuing a lawsuit.

If you find yourself in an accident, be careful with what you say. Don’t admit fault or apologize, as these statements may be used against you in a legal proceeding. This, in turn, can significantly hinder your ability to recover compensation for your losses. To learn more about how to use the information gathered in the steps discussed above to build a compelling personal injury case, consider speaking with an attorney who knows and understands this area of the law.

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