Phoenix car accident turns deadly

Driving is an inherently dangerous activity. Far too many of Arizona’s motorists are distracted, drunk, under the influence of drugs, tired or just simply careless when behind the wheel. As frightening as that may sound, the even scarier part is that it only takes a split-second for one of these drivers to make a mistake that can have disastrous, irreversible consequences.

This was the situation recently in Phoenix when a two-car accident left a 3-year-old child dead and four other people injured. The crash occurred after a SUV carrying two adults and two children was struck by a car as the SUV attempted to turn left. The force of the collision caused the vehicles to leave the roadway and strike a block wall. Three of the SUVs passengers, including both children, were ejected from the vehicle. The child who survived the wreck is said to be in critical condition. The adult who was ejected was listed in critical but stable condition. Both drivers were hurt, but their injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

It is unclear exactly how the accident was caused. While the investigation is ongoing, the authorities have not ruled out that some sort of impairment may have played a role. However, it is unknown which motorist may be suspected of driving while under the influence.

Yet, the outcome of that determination can be critical to where this case goes from here. The individual who is found to have caused this wreck may be held liable in a civil lawsuit, which could bring much needed financial and emotional relief to the victims. However, these cases are very fact specific, which means that the victims in this car accident, as well as those who find themselves in a similar position, should consider discussing their case with a legal advocate before moving forward to ensure that they can present the best legal case possible

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