Summit seeks to raise awareness about distracted driving

We’ve talked about distracted driving previously on this blog, as well as the efforts taken by law enforcement and public organizations in an attempt to stop this dangerous type of driving. Yet, despite increased awareness, distracted driving, whether caused by cell phone use, eating, or merely engaging with passengers within the vehicle, continues to be a problem.

Although many believe that young drivers, specifically teens, are primarily to blame for distracted driving, the truth of the matter is that adults operate their vehicles while distracted more frequently than these young motorists. This is especially troubling because distracted driving is responsible for more than 3,000 deaths a year. An additional 400,000 people are injured in wrecks caused by those who are not paying attention while driving.

A summit recently occurred in Phoenix aimed at, yet again, drawing attention to this issue and potential solutions. Arizona is amongst just a few states that has yet to enact a law that criminalizes distracted driving. Organizers of the summit hoped that by bringing victims, law makers, and law enforcement together they could push the issue to the forefront of the legislative agenda. Of course, there has yet to be movement on the issue, which means that distracted driving is likely to continue far into the foreseeable future.

Although criminal action may not be taken against all distracted drivers, those who are harmed by their errant driving may be able to hold these negligent motorists accountable for their actions by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. If successful on one of these claims, a victim may be able to recover compensation to help him or her recoup damages suffered, which may include medical expenses and lost wages. Those who want to learn more about how to pursue a civil claim against a distracted driver can reach out to an experienced attorney, like those at our firm.

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