Who can be sued after an animal attack?

We all love our pets, and many of us get along well with animals owned by other people. However, other people may either dislike pets or don’t get along with animals owned by other people. Regardless of how a person feels about animals, pets can snap in the blink of an eye and attack. In these instances, the injuries that can be caused might be significant. An animal bite victim can be left experiencing extensive pain and suffering and coping with disfigurement. In some instances, their injuries are so severe that they are left unable to work, while others find themselves disabled.

In an attempt to recoup these damages, animal bite victims might choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Although animal bite cases are generally treated under the legal theory of strict liability, meaning that an animal owner is responsible for any harm caused by his or her animal, these cases are not always so clean-cut, and oftentimes victims need to pursue legal action against individuals other than the animal’s owner.

There may be one of a number of parties responsible for an animal attack. For example, someone who is responsible for caring for an animal may be responsible for the damage caused by an animal. Therefore, a dog kennel or pet sitter may be held legally liable if an animal under their control attacks. Also, if a dangerous animal causes harm, and a landlord knew and allowed an individual to keep that dangerous animal on the premises, then the landlord may be held liable.

In short, those who want to pursue legal action following an animal attack need to consider the best party to hold accountable. There may be many considerations when looking at this issue, including which parties may be able to adequately compensate a victim for damages. Competent personal injury attorneys who are experienced in this field stand ready to help those who are considering taking legal action in one of these cases.

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