Delayed abdominal pain from a car accident is very dangerous

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When a car accident occurs, the shock of the experience and the adrenaline that comes with it may override your body’s other responses, making it feel as though you did not suffer any injures, even if you did. Injuries like theses are known as delayed pain injuries, and may take hours, days or even weeks to present pain or other symptoms.

This can include many injuries to the head, neck and back, as well as injuries in the abdomen. Unfortunately, abdomen injuries are far more dangerous and potentially fatal than other injuries, although many of them may cause severe pain.

If you experience delayed abdominal pain after an accident, you must go to a medical professional as soon as you can. You may have a very serious, life-threatening injury, and left without proper treatment, you may pass away painfully. Do not wait for any amount of time to go seek immediate medical care, for your own life’s sake.

Internal bleeding dangers

Internal bleeding may not cause pain initially, especially if the site of bleeding is relatively small. Like external bleeding, if there is enough blood loss, a victim may die quickly, but even a very small amount of internal bleeding poses serious threats without proper treatment.

The site of the bleeding may grow infected, and this infection can use the victim’s circulation system to spread to every part of the body, swiftly creating a potentially fatal condition.

Organ damage and failure

Our organs are delicate things, and even slight damage can have huge consequences. If a victim experiences organ damage but does not feel pain, he or she may wait until the organ fails to seek treatment. This is often too late, or may leave the victim with lasting difficulties after a period of intense pain and suffering.

Your own abdominal pain may not be from internal bleeding or organ failure, but it is impossible to know without professional medical attention to address the issue. Even if you find that you do not have internal injuries, you are far better off than hoping that the pain is nothing serious and waiting to seek treatment until it is too late.

If your injuries occurred because of some other driver’s actions, then you may have grounds to file a personal injury suit to address your medical costs and other losses you suffer from the injury. And experienced attorney can advise you during the process and ensure that your rights and privileges remain secure while you work to recover from your accident.

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