Fractured bones can temporarily limit your abilities

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The force of a car crash can do a lot to your body. Even though they are strong, your bones might not fare well in a high speed crash. There is a chance that you could fracture, or break, a bone. This is fairly common, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to deal with.

Broken bones are hard to handle because they are very painful, have a long recovery time and can lead to long-term troubles. Whether you have a serious break or just a hairline fracture, here are some points to remember:

Bones break in different ways

Bones can break in many different ways. The bone itself and the force that is exerted on it have an impact on how the bone breaks. Some breaks are clean breaks, but others are jagged. The breaks can be straight across the bone or in a diagonal direction. Sometimes, the bone might be chipped or the break might not go all the way through it.

In some cases, a broken bone will poke through the skin but this isn’t always the case. When the bone does poke through the skin, there is an increased risk of infection since the skin is broken.

Caring for a broken bone

A broken bone needs to be taken care of right away. Not only is this an excruciating injury but there are so many complications that can occur that you need to make sure you have proper care. You will likely need to have the bone set and put into a cast. It is sometimes necessary to have a splint put on instead of a cast. Some broken bones will need screws and plates to keep them in place.

Life after a broken bone

The way that a bone heals depends on many factors. While the bone is healing after the car crash, you will likely need to avoid using the area. If your arm is broken, you might have some use of it but not full use. If your leg is broken, you aren’t going to be able to walk on it while it heals.

When you start to think about the damage that the broken bone has done to your life, you will likely see that the costs extend beyond what you’ve had to pay. If you had to miss work, you probably had to deal with a loss of income. This can also have a negative impact on your finances.

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