Aggressively pursuing compensation in animal attack cases

A previous post here discussed the frequency at which dog bites occur, leaving victims with serious injuries. Tragically, many of these victims need extensive medical care, and they may suffer extensive emotional harm. In addition, many of these victims are left permanently disfigured, and they may even find themselves unable to work to earn a wage for a significant period of time. In all, the emotional, physical and financial toll unexpectedly levied on a victim can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, these victims may be able to pursue a legal claim that seeks to protect their best interests. By filing a lawsuit, victims may give themselves a chance to find accountability and recover compensation for the damages they have suffered. When successful on one of these claims, victims can obtain the financial resources they need in order to give their emotional and physical recovery the attention it deserves.

Of course, these claims are often contested. Defendants may claim that an animal was provoked prior to attacking, or defendants may try to argue that some of the injuries claimed pre-existed the animal attack. These are no small arguments. In fact, they can derail a person’s claim. This is why it is imperative that individuals who are harmed by an animal to get the right information about their unique circumstances.

At our firm, we diligently work to build strong cases from the ground up. From initial consultation through trial preparation, settlement negotiation and litigation, we strive to give our clients the thorough and aggressive representation they deserve. We take pride in our individualized approach toward legal representation. If you have been injured in an animal attack and want to attempt to obtain a sense of justice, as well as compensation for your losses, consider further exploring what our firm has to offer.

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