Pedestrian accident in Phoenix leaves one dead

A previous post here discussed the prevalence with which pedestrian accidents occur in Arizona. The statistics are truly staggering, but most people fail to recognize the human impact caused by these accidents, as their vision is clouded by the numbers. As a personal injury law firm, we work with people on a daily basis whose lives have been turned upside-down by unexpected and undeserved accidents. These individuals are often confronted with a variety of emotions, including sadness, anger and fear for their future.

One Phoenix family may be in that position now after a deadly pedestrian accident. Reports indicate that the female victim was struck by a car that had veered onto the sidewalk alongside 12th Street. The errant vehicle continued past the woman until it struck a utility pole. Both the pedestrian and the driver were taken to the hospital. Tragically, the woman died as a result of her injuries.

The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation. Police indicate that a medical condition may have contributed to the accident, but that determination is not definitive. Even if the driver did have a medical condition that contributed to the crash, there still may have been acts of negligence, such as speeding or distraction, which could have led to the accident. This means that if the victim’s family chooses to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, then they need to be prepared to rebut any sort of defense that the driver raises.

It may be hard for this woman’s family to take legal action, because they will likely be wrapped up in their emotional loss for a significant period of time. However, this family, and others that are similarly situated, need to consider their legal options. By filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver, car accident victims and their families may be able to impose liability, recover compensation and obtain closure for a dark period in their lives.

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