Things to consider prior to bicycle accident-related legal action

Phoenix is a city where outdoor activities make up a significant part of individuals’ lives. Amongst these activities is bicycling. Some ride their bikes for pleasure or as a way to relax, while others utilize their bikes for transportation to and from work or school. Regardless of why a person rides a bicycle, they are often at risk of being seriously injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver. Those who are injured in one of these wrecks can suffer extensive damages. In addition to physical pain and suffering, as well as disfigurement in some cases, a victim can be hit hard with medical expenses and lost wages when the crash causes hospitalization, the need for rehabilitation and missed work.

The good news for those who are injured by a negligent driver is that compensation may be recoverable. This requires taking legal action, which may be difficult depending on the circumstances. In order to succeed in one of these claims, a bicyclist must put forth evidence that demonstrates that the errant driver was, in fact, negligent. This is often done by showing that the driver committed a traffic violation at the time of the accident, such as speeding, failing to yield or swerving into a bicycle lane.

Those pursuing one of these claims need to be prepared to fight back against claims of contributory negligence. Oftentimes, those accused of driving negligently and causing an injurious bicycle accident claim that the bicyclist was riding the wrong way, running a stop sign or even swerving into the street at the time of the accident. If the court believes such allegations, then it may severely jeopardize a legal claim.

Those who are injured in one of these accidents need to be fully informed before moving forward with legal action. A skilled legal representative, like those at our firm, can help analyze a case to spot strengths and weaknesses. Then, an advocate can work to gather evidence to strengthen those weaknesses, thereby increasing a victim’s chances of winning the case.

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