Drunk driver causes fatal car accident in Phoenix

Motorists in Arizona should do everything they can to anticipate errors on the part of other drivers, so that they can better avoid being involved in a car accident. Although being alert and as safe as one possibly can while behind the wheel helps, the scary reality is that we only have so much control of our own fate on the road. More often than we care to think, negligent motorists make mistakes that put innocent and unsuspecting individuals in harm’s way. Sometimes, these drivers are fortunate to escape with nothing more than a few cuts and bruises. Other times, however, such accidents are fatal.

This was the case in one recent Phoenix accident, in which a 20-year-old woman was killed when her vehicle, which was traveling southbound on Interstate 17 at the time, collided with a vehicle that was stopped in her lane. The driver of the stopped car was passed out from apparent intoxication. The police say that motorist, who was uninjured in the wreck, smelled of alcohol and was confused and disoriented after the accident. He was arrested and charged with DUI and second-degree murder.

Although a criminal conviction may help the victim’s family obtain a sense of justice, it won’t do anything to help alleviate the financial and emotional harm caused to them. Only a wrongful death lawsuit could do that. If successful on such a claim against a negligent driver, such as an intoxicated driver, a family may be able to recover compensation that makes up for their loved one’s lost wages and medical expenses. Money may even be recovered for pain and suffering.

In the aftermath of one of these accidents, legal action may not be the top priority for surviving family members. This is completely understandable as they try to find a way to cope with their unexpected and undeserved loss. However, when the time is right, these families can take the steps needed for them to put forth strong legal claims which, hopefully, will give them the financial stability they need in order to move on in their lives in remembrance of their loved one.

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