Pedestrians deserve to walk safely around the city

Not everyone jumps in a personal vehicle when they have somewhere to go. Sometimes, individuals will decide to walk where they are going or they might use public transit options. In these cases, they will be pedestrians for a while until they get into a vehicle.

It is imperative that all drivers treat pedestrians with respect. However, many drivers tend to think that pedestrians have less right to be on the road than vehicles. This is a dangerous thought because it can lead to serious accidents that cause injuries or death.


Crosswalks are supposed to be a safe place for pedestrians to cross the street. The problem that many people run into is that cars drive straight through them without giving any thought to giving pedestrians their due right of way. When this happens, pedestrians have to either wait on a break in traffic or start to cross the street and hope that cars will stop. Neither of these is a good option since vehicles are supposed to yield to the people crossing the street.

Parking lots

Parking lots are another area where pedestrians don’t always get the respect they deserve. A whopping 52 percent of back-over injuries occur in parking lots. The lack of a clear visual field can lead to drivers not seeing people who are walking. For this reason, drivers have to be as careful as possible to avoid having any accidents with pedestrians.

Keeping children safe

Children pose a very real challenge for pedestrian safety because they don’t have the same sense of danger that adults have. Drivers who are around children have to be especially vigilant about watching for these young people. This is especially true in driveways and areas where there are attractions that appeal to children, such as parks. No driver should ever assume that a children will remain out of the road when they see them around.

When an injury occurs in a pedestrian versus vehicle accident, there is a good chance that the person will need medical care. These injuries can range from bruising to brain injuries. The more serious injuries might require extensive care and could lead to having to take time off work. This can put the person in a precarious financial spot, so some might choose to seek compensation from the driver who hit them.

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