City agrees to settle 2016 car accident case

We all recognize the dangers that motor vehicles can pose when they are driven in a negligent fashion. However, none of us really expects to be injured in a car accident. Tragically, however, many people find themselves suddenly afflicted with serious injuries when they or the vehicle in which they are riding is hit. Recovering from these injuries can be a monumental task. Physically, a victim can experience significant pain and suffering, and may be unable to do the things that he or she once did on a regular basis. In addition to these losses, car accident victims can be inflicted with emotional and financial damages.

Although these losses can be complicated to deal with, victims may be able to recover compensation for their losses through a personal injury lawsuit. One Phoenix family was recently successful in recovering $10 million from the city of Phoenix after a 3-year-old girl was hit and dragged by a police cruiser in 2016. The incident left the child with a traumatic brain injury and she has had to undergo a number of surgeries to treat her medical conditions.

The case had been set for trial, but the parties came to a settlement agreement well before the case got to that point. Arguments had been raised that the officer wasn’t negligent at all, as an ice cream truck had been illegally stopped in front of it when it pulled out and struck the child, who had just bought ice cream. However, since the parties reached a settlement, there is no legal ruling as to who was at fault in the wreck.

Arizona residents who have been injured in a car accident have a lot on their mind and a number of issues to deal with. These matters can get complicated when legal action is taken. However, in order to obtain a sense of justice and hopefully recover compensation for their losses, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is often necessary.

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