Recovering damages for disfigurement

Phoenix-area residents who are injured in a car accident can have a lot to deal with in the crash’s aftermath. For starters, they can quickly accumulate seemingly insurmountable medical expenses that can threaten their financial well-being. On top of that, they are oftentimes left unable to work, which means lost wages. Taken together, these damages can leave a victim facing a difficult financial situation. However, these economic damages are not the only kinds of losses that these victims can face.

Car wreck victims can also be subjected to non-economic losses, such as disfigurement. Disfigurement refers to the permanent scarring or loss of a limb that affects an individual for a lifetime. Victims who are inflicted with disfigurement deserve to be compensated for their condition, but the question becomes how to put a price on a person’s physical appearance.

This is a challenging task when addressing all non-economic losses. Generally speaking, a judge and jury will look to a number of factors when trying to calculate an appropriate amount of money to compensate for disfigurement and other non-economic damages. When it comes to disfigurement, a judge and jury may look to the extent and severity of the disfigurement, as well as the prognosis of any sort of recovery from or repair of the condition. Those who suffer extensive amounts of disfigurement and require a significant recovery time may be more likely to recover greater sums if they succeed on their legal claims.

Of course, before damages can be addressed, an accident victim must successfully impose liability. This means that competent evidence is put forth to show that the defendant acted negligently and that negligent actions caused the wreck and injuries in question. This process, along with showing the full extent of a person’s harm, can be challenging, especially when going head-to-head against aggressive defense attorneys. For this reason, those who are considering legal action should carefully consider their representation options.

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